Our friend on the road

As a little boy, in the age of 10 years, there was a dream: A capable vehicle, to go anywhere at anytime, with high loading capacity and built-in reliability: A Land Rover. A decade ago finally the first Land Rover was my own. Selling the first, a second followed - and then we "fell over" this unique Land Rover Camper, we are using for our journey. We bought it used, at a fair price.
It is one of the last models build without any electronic assistance for the engine or travelling. Easy to maintain and to repair, it is the ultimate vehicle to join us on our dream. Not a lot of room, but enough for two travellers to feel at home.

The outside measurements only were altered by the high top, which allows a person to stand inside.
  • Built in September 1995
  • October 2012: 350.000 km on Tacho
  • Land Rover Defender HT 110
  • 300 Tdi Engine (no modifications)
  • 110 liter water tank
  • Sink with water purifier
  • Refrigerator
  • Solar system with
    two additional batteries
  • BF Goodrich All Terrain
    T/A 235/85 R 16
  • OME Springs (good, but one broke, replaced by Britpart yellow)
  • Differential and steering guard
  • OME Shocks (good), then Bilstein (better), then in the rear Sadar (cheap), now Monroe adventure
  • Sleeping 2 in the upper body


Until today we are very lucky to have a good running car, only some minor problems occured. The engine was never touched until 340.000 km, then got new pistons, rings, injectors and valves.

For all Land Rover and other car enthusiasts we also have a special picture page!