The idea behind the tour

We made several journeys to different countries and continents. Fascinated by the wonders that nature and men built during the centuries or millions of years, we found out that many of these exceptional findings were covered by one phrase:

The World Heritage List

The World Heritage List is defined by the World Heritage Committee. A country has to sign the World Heritage Convention and has to to send in a nomination, which can be accepted or declined. More Details about the process and the inscribed sites can be found in our Q&A section.

Today, in the year 2012, where the new millennium began just a few seconds ago, maybe it´s one of the last chances to visit these unique monuments and natural miracles, maybe they are destroyed tomorrow - and no evidence will be left.

Therefore we decided to develop awareness among all citizens on earth to support the WHC in their work and give assistance in the protection of the properties. We want to make everybody aware, how fragile our environment is, and therefore we will do a lot of marketing and presentation work.

If you are interested in the content of our logo, we explain it here.

When travelling, things changed on our trip. Momentarily we are not focused on the World Heritage Sites, it´s more the heritage part, being it an official site or not. Traditional festivals all over Southamerica is our passion now.

The UNESCO will not officially support our project, as we are whether scientists, nor are we experts in any needed assistance. We are just ordinary people that want to help.