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Sites dedicated to the World Heritage

UNESCO WHC  The "home" of the World Heritage
KML Link  Here you can find a KML file from the UNESCO. Download and open it in Google Earth - immediately you can find any World Heritage Site on Earth!
World Heritage Tour  This is a virtual journey, with the aim to provide a documentary image bank with panoramic pictures and interactive virtual reality movies for all sites registered as World Heritage by the UNESCO
World Heritage Web A project in developement, will provide complete information on all the sites, with maps, pictures and travel info. A non-profit organization.

Sites of other travellers

World Heritage Site A nice site from a world heritage enthusiast, who visited a lot of them, and also provides reviews from other visitors.
Alaska to Southamerica A couple from Germany we met - still travelling all over America
The Roth´s A swiss couple in a Land Rover
The Tornicelli´s A french couple we met in Jasper, that visited Africa, and traveled through the Americas
Rebsamen Eric and Michelle, a french couple we met on the Dempster Highway (Yukon/Canada). They travelled all around the world.
Dare 2 Go The list of GPS-Points for North-, Central- and Southamerica really is amazing! We were happy to have them available.
Travelling the americas
Some more pages of travellers - enjoy browsing!

Usefull links for travelling

Seabridge They organize RoRo shippings between Germany, Southamerica and the U.S. / Canada.
Reisebuch They have very good travel literature, and a lot of links online!
Weltreiseforum I
Weltreiseforum II
Forums in German language - where RTW travellers help each other
List of all sites
To find a free forest campsite in Canada/BC: Look up the name of the campsite on the first link, then search for the campsite in the second link - it will tell you, if you have to pay.
Recreation on BLM land
National Forests
Free Camping
Very useful links in the states if you are looking for a cheap place to stay!
Hurricanes When you travel in the Northern Americas you need this information!
Vulcanos  Same for the Vulcano News

Fruit Control Argentina

Our GPS points

Travelling with a Mobil home in Argentina can be difficult, because there are a lot of control points throughout the country. Sometimes it´s only fruits, others don´t allow meat also. The first link is an official map with all the fruit control points in Argentina, the second includes all the controls we came across (for Garmin devices).
Bus connections Travelling by bus is very popular in Argentina. Thousands of kilometres are passing by, while you are comfortably seated...
Chile Border News When crossing the Andes between Chile and Argentina in South America, it is usefull to know, wether they are open or not.
English Version
German Version 
Friends of us offer the possibility to park your camper in Buenos Aires, Argentina (up to 8 months allowed), while you are going home for holidays in your home country. The PDF-files give more details.
Map from Brasil Map of Brasil in PDF
Geovirtual This is an incredible website with vast information for all travellers in Chile. Detailled route maps, sight descriptions and distances in detail are waiting for you! (English, Spanish, German,..)
Translation services You can translate a text directly on our webpage, or find some links for online translation here...

Software and more

Free maps to download for your GPS device Free Garmin Maps worldwide Colombia Brasil Bolivia and Peru Peru Argentina Argentina and Chile Argentina and Chile (Conosur) Venezuela
 GPS Newsgroup Maps & Advice in German
 Malsing  Find more free maps here All over the world
NVM to GPX If you ever have a problem to upload tracks from Garmin Mobile XT or iQue, this utility will help you to convert the .nvm files into .gpx files.
ICE homepage Microsoft ICE is a picture stitching tool to combine several fotos to one panorama. We are quite happy with it, and it is freeware to download!

For the Land Rover enthusiasts

Also have a look at our friends section, where you can find some more...
Whatever you need for your Series or new vehicle - Mark and his Rover Battle Brothers have it. Shipping is no problem - they are located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Afterwards you are going south to Calgary, where all the parts are installed at the Rover Shop.
Hesp Automotive A Landrover Specialist in Vancouver, Canada Salt Lake City in Utah (US) offers Bill - he is very friendly and helpful! Belize: THE Defender man! Parts, Vehicles for sale or rent.
Autocentro If you do need (Bearmach) parts in Ecuador, this is the place to get them. The owner speaks English fluently too. The mechanic we were referred to was not the best. The Landrover-Club in Argentina has a lot of information to offer!
"Navas Service" 
in Buenos Aires
We went there to put in a new clutch and to change seals on the transfer case. After we left, the cooler was leaking, nine screws (driveshaft etc.) were loose, the transfer case leaked again, and replaced bushes were ruined during mounting. Don´t go there!
LR-Parts Repuestos Land Rover - Filtros Mann - Lubricantes Valvoline If you need parts in Argentina, the best way is to order them at Nicolas company. Quality parts at very good prices. They deliver all over Argentina, sometimes also into other countries. Good service, trustfull and reliable
Mc Motors A good place for parts in Santiago de Chile. They ship into the whole country by a reliable express way. 700 Kilometers on the next day - perfect service!
MicroCat download The famous MicroCat. A mighty software for your PC to find the right numbers for ordering parts.


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