Welcome to our adventure!

You have found the home of two Austrians, who changed their life completely in the year 2007.

Three destinies made us leave home:

  • Passion for travelling, discovering and experiencing new destinations
  • Interest in cultures and lifestyles of the past and the present
  • Love for fotography and Design
Combining these three elements we created our world heritage tour. We started travelling, visiting World Heritage Sites and other exceptional findings, providing fotos, reports and documentation, to make everybody aware of the uniqueness of our mother earth and the cultural diversity we share.

When reaching Patagonia we were overwhelmed of the plentitude this region offers. Not only the richfulness in nature and landscapes, but the unique friendlyness of the Gauchos grabed our attention. During the last years we changed our intention from travelling to knowing. No more "next-world-heritage-site-goal", but diving deeper and experiencing the culture and lifestyle of the gauchos.


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Latest Updates:

September 2016

Our passion for the culture of the gauchos and their fiestas made us create a special homepage to give you an impression of our work. You can find it at


From now on we will only update this website, as a lack of time means concentrating on one theme. As we are not travelling any more, this website shows our work at the festivals (fiestas populares) in Patagonia, Argentina. Discovering the huge range of the creolean tradition in all their variety

2nd of July 2015
Patagonia - a mystic term for all the visitors to Southamerica. Travelling in the area we collected a huge amount  of pictures, which are are all summarized on our specials page. The latest additions are:
  • Peninsula Valdez 2014
    At the eastern end of Chubut you can find a natural protected area with a lot of wildlife and astonishing landscapes. A real paradise
  • Chubut 2014 Summary
    In this year we spent a lot of time in the province of Chubut, which is three times larger than all of our home-country. From the East to the West - images we enjoyed..
  • Rio Negro 2014
    North of Chubut you will find the province of Rio Negro - some impressions to explore....
  • Araucania region 2015
    A special type of trees, a wonderful landscape ans some mystical shots obliged us to make this little special. Around hundred impressions from southern Chile. We´ve been there in autumn - therefore the trees showed all their colours.
24th of December 2014
To all our friends all over the countries:
We wish you a merry Christmas and the best new year ever
A lot of time for your family and your friends
Gorgeous little moments that make you happy!
For your enchantment and entertainment we finally made it to upload two new picture sets:
1st of June 
Continuing the fiesta - season we have another three events to show the traditional jineteada - or argentinian rodeo - to all our international visitors:
17th of March 2014
This time there are three new fiestas to browse:
Travelling from one fiesta to the other we encounter beautiful places, fauna, flora and nice people. Continously we collect impressions in Chubut, Patagonia. Of course these are not the the touristic highlights, but some details worth viewing in our new Chubut - Special!

Don´t forget - you can find all our Fiestas on our specials-page.
20th of February 2014
Following one fiesta to the other, we are very, very busy to suply a selection of our impressions. Each weekend at an event means now four new picture sets in one month:
22nd of January 2014
A little fiesta near the Chilenian border, the VIII Fiesta Provincial del Salmón del Pacifico in Carrenleufú is online now!
15th of January 2014
The next two fiestas in the province of Chubut are available: The Desafio de Tropillas in Rio Pico and the XV Fiesta de Bagual in José de San Martin, where we passed the new years eve. Enjoy them!
For all our visitors that would like to see more of the countries where we have been, please have a look here.
10th of January 2014
In December we visited the "XIIII Fiesta Provincial del Ganadero" in Las Plumas, some more "Jineteada" or rodeo impressiona for our fans.
9th of January 2014
Crossing Argentina we took some further impressions of the provinces La Pampa, Buenos Aires and Neuquen. After these we followed the suggestion of many Argentinian people to discover the Meseta of Somocura in the province of Chubut.
23rd of December 2013
Christmas is near, holidays coming up. The best possibility to enjoy the time with your family and friends. The greatest value we have. We wish you a wonderful sharing experience and a wonderful 2014 with a lot of new experiences!
Continuing the fiesta season of 2013 we provide a new special picture set of the Rodeo Final in Trevelin, a special event for the selection of the best gauchos in the province of Chubut, Argentina!
6th of October
Not very typical - but a different approach for us are some pictures we made at the Mouras raceground in La Plata, Argentina. Serious private teams aiming at the first place. The racing-special...
30th of September
Here comes the second part of our Chubut special - enjoy it!

12th of September
Argentina, the next province further North in Patagonia: Chubut. A huge area, offering deserts, lakes, plains and mountains. And a lot of warmhearted people! We devided our photoset into two parts - this is the first one.

30th of August
One of our themes beside the jineteada (rodeo in argentina) are animals, therefore we have put a special animal slideshow together. Mostly south-southamerican wild- and waterlife!
8th of July
It´s a little bit difficult to publish photos from a travelled route when you have been in the area before. Therefore we were a little lazy in updating our website. Then we had an idea: Why don´t we add different impressions from Santa Cruz, Argentina together? Enjoy the result!
2nd of May
The last two rodeos for this season were the Gran Jineteada en Los Repollos and the Jineteada en José de San Martin. Now the autumn comes, the rain and low temperatures terminate the season for this year. Remember: you can find all the rodeos in our special page!
10th of  April
Travelling the fiestas in Argentina, we´ve been to another, the VIII Fiesta de las Destrezas Criollas y el Chamame, in Paso del Sapo, Chubut. The people were awesome, warmhearted and friendly, we really enjoyed it!
6th of April
At Christmas time in 2012 we visited the southernmost town in the world - Puerto Williams on the island of Navarino. Initially we wanted to hike the famous "Dientes de Navarino" trail, but it had so much snow, that it was impossible to do so. Still the impressions were very special... 
21st of March
Talking about passion is talking about the rodeos in Southamerica. Following the "tribe" from one to the next festival, we make new friends and are really welcome in this big family! We finalized five new special picture sets from rodeos in Argentina and one from Chile. Have a look at these incredible stunts!

7th of March
Patagonia. For some people just a name, for us a real passion. Living on the road now for several years, we changed our mindset from travelling to the next touristic attraction to enjoying each tiny thing that is offered along. Discovering the joy of fishing, the special moments with locals or the traditional fiestas in the area.

The second time on Tierra del Fuego we didn´t leave the island for more than two months. That´s why we are a little late with updating our web. The advantage: We know can offer you four new special picture sets!

24th of January 2013
Coming back from Chile we changed our style of travelling for the next weeks. Having a fixed date to be in Ushuaia we wanted to stay as long as possible on the peninsula Valdez. (The special set below was faster) The results are some pictures of the way to Valdez, many of the peninsula and some more of the rush South. But the sunsets are unbelievable!

21st of December
A new special picture set made its way onto our website! Whales and elephant seals. For us it is one of the most unique spots in the world - the Peninsula Valdez. Walking on the coast to watch whales passing by a few meters away - incredible. That´s why we come back again and again. Next to Valdez is Punto Ninfas - where the southern elephant seals found their home. Enjoy the animals!

By the way - this is the first picture set in our new flash-style picture show. Hope you like it!

To all our family, friends and frequent visitors:
We wish you a warm and peaceful Christmas and a unique 2013
where you should not forget to live your life as every day could be the last!
4th of November
Heading South to the famous Hotel Sosneado, the natural specialty of the Pozos de las animas and petrified forests on private property of a mining company, beside the well-know Giganotosaurus or the Los Gigantes. An interesting mixture.
23rd of October
We were very busy to keep our website up-to-date. Discovering San Luis Province was an interesting experience. We expected nothing special but discovered astonishing views and drives. The best of all was an unknown place, where we saw a lot of Andean Condors. This made us come up with a Condor-Special. Two brand new picture sets!
17th of October
Lakes, pampa, sandstone formations. The western part of Argentina is a place, we really like to be. Maybe also because of the genius Diego Barbosa who lives in Zapala and takes very well care of our truck. Unknown places like the Amphitheatre or Potrero de los Funes give new insights.
30th of August
The story of our short visit in autumn, where we drove through volcanoes and snow. The main reason to go to Chile was meeting our French friends Caro and Arno again. From that point on we will travel to different destinations and this was our last time to be together. Although the weather was mostly terrible, it was a wonderful Good-bye-time.
3rd of July
Starting in Alto Rio Senguer with a rodeo, we continued further North, enjoying the "Indian Summer" in Argentina. Of course its a little different to the one in Northern America - but the colours are still awesome. The results are a new picture set and an autumn special!
28th of May
The cold subtropical rainforest on the northern Carretera Austral in Chile, the Pumalin National Park with the Chaiten Volcano and a lot of rain in between make a short picture set…
24th of April
We are happy to introduce our new specials page!
Visiting different events throughout the journey produced a lot of special photo sets, which would be hidden in the different country pages. Now we put them together.
24th of April (Argentina)
Pampa, Pampa, Pampa in Argentinas West. Travelling through the emptiness of this wonderful country is very special, when getting closer to the mountains, you nearly feel trapped after. The Petrified Forest and a thunderstorm are details to mark out; the route itself is a little weird, because we visited three rodeos / jineteadas on our way. Hundreds of pictures of these you can find on our specials page (see above).
10th of April 2012 (Argentina)
Our passion for rodeos / jineteadas is growing - we made it to another four, shot a huge amount of pictures, and decided to make four specials: Paso de Indios 2012: 11e Fiesta Provincial de Peon Rural , Corcovado 2012: 1er Gran Jineteada de La Esperanza, Paso del Sapo 2012: 7e Fiesta regional de Criollas y Chamame and the 69e Anniversario de Alto Rio Senguer Enjoy them!
29th of March (Argentina)
Another short trip - intentionally planned as a longer journey. We wanted to go up the Carretera Austral once again, but because of demonstrations and road cuttings we had to go back to Argentina. Our time in Cochrane still was marvelous, visiting a Chilenean Rodeo, being together with our friends from France and enjoying our time…
2nd of March 2012 (Argentina)
There is always something to discover, sometimes places, you don´t want to miss to see again. This mixture can be found in this set of pictures, where new parts of Western Argentina are discovered and another visit at the Fitz Roy Mountain Range is realized. On the way we could encounter a small Argentinian Rodeo - a so called jineteada. 
07th of February 2012 (Argentina)
This is one of the smallest trips on our whole journey. We only went 100 Kilometers into Chile and back out to Argentina. The reason: We visited friends for Christmas and New Year. A small set of pictures. 
12th of January 2012 (Chile)
From Paso San Francisco we went souh, passing wonderful landscapes to Zapala. Then we crossed Argentina to see one more time the whales on Peninsula Valdez. For us one of the seven wonders on earth. Finally we went back to Chile to come together with friends in Chile. On the last pictures you can see the impact of the volcan Puyehue in Argentina.
29th of November (Argentina)
During our last visit in Chile we stayed with friends and explored the Atacama region further. This resulted in a huge picture book! Highlights were the lagoons on the Altiplano - salt flats, Flamingos and colored mountains - a variety we love!
22th of November (Argentina)
Two little updates to our friends and links sections!

12th of November (Argentina)
Unique in the world is the flowering desert in Chile. Only when there was enough rainfall throughout the whole winter, there is a chance to see this blooming wonder. This happens only in an interval of 3 to 5 years - and we were extremely lucky to see this happening!

We also added two new guestbook entries - if you want to leave a message also, you are very welcome to do so!

19th of October (Chile)
One picture set after the other rushes into the net. The San Pedro de Atacama region is famous for its attractions. Sand stone formations, geysers, the lagoones in the Altiplano, Flamingos, Pictographs, the Chuquicamata Copper mine and the rainbow valley add a lot of fascinating pictures!
15th of October (Chile)
Busy, busy - immediately the next update. This time it is a short trip to Argentina and a sight of the "Train to the Clouds". A short visit in Salta completes the story. Enjoy it...
10th of October (Chile)
A small village with less than 100 habitants hosts once a year over 10.000 visitors. On the 7th and 8th of September the Virgin Guadalupe de Ayquina celebrates her birthday. In devotion to the virgin hundreds of dancers from Chile, Argentina, Bolivia and Peru show their costumes. That´s why we decided to offer a little costumes special of this event!
3rd of October (Chile)
Leaving Vallenar to the North we were very lucky to experience a first sight of one of the small wonders on our planet. Unique in the world is the flowering desert or "desierto florido", a phenomena that only occurs in those years, when there was enough rain in an area which normally is a vast desert.Here you can find a little glimpse - if you want more, please have a look at the special above. Then the journey goes up to San Pedro de Atacama with a one-day-trip to Bolivia.
29th of August (Chile)
This is a different picture set. - the first part is Chile´s little North, a beautiful region - most of the second part is from Vallenar, a little town between Copiapo and La Serena. All together we spent seven weeks there, because we had a problem with our gearbox. But the time went by so fast - because we found really warm-hearted people there. With a lot of laughing and nice barbecues it was the best place to imagine for solving a serious problem. Muchas gracias a todos in Vallenar!
09th of August (Chile)
The same long stay made it possible to realize something, we always wanted to have: A map with our whole journey! You can click on any country to follow our steps in full detailed picture-sets.
15th of July (Chile)
During a (unfortunately) long stay in Vallenar, Chile we had time to put the pictures together for the Central Chilean part of our tour. Santiago, Rancagua, Valparaiso and the coast up North are some of the points to see.
19th of June (Chile)
Two new world heritage sites were added to our Chile-section.
6th of June (Chile)
The second part in Northern Argentina (La Rioja, San Juan and Mendoza) was so exiting, that it resulted in the largest picture-set so far on our website. We sorted, deleted and finally still ended up with a huge amount.. Ischigualasto and Paso Agua Negro are among the highlights - however: Sandstone is the theme!
17th of May (Argentina)
The first part of Northern Argentina in 2011 is online! Colourful sandstone landscapes, the andean mountains and some little villages in between are the main themes. Have a look!
6th of May (Argentina)
Still working on the pictures from Argentina we managed to put another World Heritage Site in Argentina online and made some updates to our friends section.
27th of March (Argentina)
The second picture set of Bolivia from our 2010 visit adds more incredible online impressions of this country. The impressive mountain scenery will fascinate a lot of our visitors.
01st of March (Argentina)
On our second trip to Bolivia we figured out, that the country is very different in the lowlands. Beside the landscape you can feel another heartbeat here. This is the first Bolivian lowlands picture set. Have a look!
23th of February 2011 (Argentina)
We put a lot of work in moving our website to a new webspace, because we already do have so many pictures online now, that we needed more capacity. Now we also have place to post some special features - the first one is a picture set of a fiesta in Potosi - colours and dancers! 
13th of January 2011 (Argentina)
Now we have done it. We added the latest World Heritage Sites to the countries Argentina, Paraguay, Brasil and Bolivia. Enjoy browsing!
2nd th of January 2011 (Bolivia)
We are working on the picture sets of the World Heritage Sites in northern Argentina, southern Brasil and Paraguay, in the meantime we made some changes in our friends section. 
10th of November (Bolivia)
A little slow is our movement momentarily, therefore it took a while to bring the newest picture set online. Here it is: The Pantanal and Brazil are new on our website. 
02nd of October (Bolivia)
After Fox de Iguazu we went back into Paraguay and made another trip to the northern part there 
09th of September (Bolivia)
It was Foz de Iguacu, where we entered Brazil only for some days. More will come later!
28th of August (Brasil)
Leaving Paraguay behind, we were able to put the pictures of our first visit online, the second part will follow hopefully soon. 
20th of August (Paraguay)
The last set of Argentina with the Northeastern part is now Online!
22th of July (Argentina)
After having made a round-trip through Uruguay, we were impressed by the hospüitality of the charming and open minded people living here. It was during the FIFA-World Championship, so a lot of emotions are on the pictures too. 
8th of July (Uruguay)
A free municipal campsite with electricity in Treinta y Tres helped us to put the latest guestbook entries, links, friends and World Heritage Sites live.
30th of June (Uruguay)
Having a lot of nice encounters with people here, we also managed to bring the last part of Argentina online. The Andean side was fascinating, the Rio la Plata region great. Snow, goats, city and gauchos! 
19th of May (Argentina)
The chilenian lake district and the island of Chiloe was a little different to the pure nature in southern Chile, like the Austral. Vulcanoes, lakes and churches wait for you here
25th of April (Chile)
It was not a very long stretch, but some magnificent views in the pampa of Argentina and the area from Esquel to Bariloche are now online.
7th of April (Chile)
Long distances to drive, not a lot of World Heritage Sites to visit. Nevertheless we put the first impressions of the sites in Argentina now online. And we liked most of them! 
1st of April (Argentina)
The famous Carretera Austral was the part in Chile we visited in March. Nature, little villages and the vulcan Chaiten can be found in this series of pictures.
17th of March 2010 (Chile)
Lots and lots of pictures are online now. You cant find so much text on our website, because we think, pictures tell more than words. Have a look at the the new pics from Argentina with the Route 40 and Chile with its rodeos!

15th of February 2010 (Argentina)
We had to leave the Land of Fire or Tierra del Fuego, because we cant stay forever, but it was hard. A little inconsistency you will find in the country routes: We saw the island as one, therefore we did not put little parts into the listings.

You can find the same pictures either in Argentina, Chile, or directly here.

09th of January 2010 (Ushuaia)
Before we are starting to go North again, we wanted to finish some work, therefore you can find a southern bit of Chile now online. As it is a little confusing with all the borders, we decided to make a Tierra de Fuego gallery, wher you will find the rest of Chile in the next update.

02nd of January 2010 (Tierra del Fuego)

We wish eyerbody, who visits our site a fascinating, healthy and lucky new year!

We were in Ushuaia for Christmas and New Year - the southernmost city in the World. The new gallery you can find now, is not about the end of the world, but the way south from Buenos Aires in Argentina. Enjoy browsing! 

18th of November (Argentina)
Now we are busy all the time - therefore you can already find the first pictures from Argentina. Beside colourful sandstone formations, you will find the first visit to Peninsula Valdez with Whales, Sea-Elephants and other animals.
3rd of November (Argentina)
Two months had to pass, until we managed to put in all the sites from Peru and from Bolivia - but now they are done! It was a little work beside, putting new links into our page - definitely worth a visit if you are searching for free maps for your GPS device. Especially Garmin maps are supported well. 
2nd of October (Argentina)
We were very busy and already have finished Bolivia. Still late are the World Heritage Sites from Peru - but there were so many! We are still working on those, while we a rushing through Argentina to see the whales in Valdez. 
20th of September (Argentina)
Well, well it is hard to keep up all the work - and Peru meant a lot of it. The southern part of Peru is now online, hopefully there are not too many pictures for you to download. But there were so many highlights - visit them with us! 
22nd of July (Peru)
Sorry for being so late with the pictures, but there were certain circumstances. Enjoy Northern Peru with us - from nature to culture - it is a wonderful country! 
9th of June (Peru)
When we entered Peru, our camera and GPS were stolen on the first day. It was not a good start. But it gave us time during the investigations to finish the second part of our Ecuador pictures.
1st of May (Ecuador)
Seems to be a busy time here, we have worked hard - therefore the first impressions from Ecuador are already online. The nature, colours and markets are well worth a visit.  
13th of April (Ecuador)
In the meantime we were able to finish the impressions of the world heritage sites we visited in Colombia. Have a look!
30th of March (Ecuador)
We left Colombia a few days ago and already have all the rest of the pictures online. Enjoy the travel with us!
28th of February 2009 (Southern Colombia)
It is a wonderful country! And it is big - therefore we decided to put the first half online otherwise you would have to wait two months to see the pictures of Colombia
1st of February 2009 (in Colombia)
Now we are waiting to get our car out of customs - computers are a bad invention ;-) But we used the time to put Panama online. 
8th of January 2009 (in Panama)
Costa Rica was the country for Christmas and new year - now we are looking forward to ship to South America! 
19th of November (in Costa Rica)
Now it is done. We crossed the first part of Central America - with no problems and a lot of wonderful days. Have a look! 
30th of October (in El Salvador)
Having left Mexico behind, with a very pleasant time we put those last pictures online. Leaving Mexico, we could also manage to complete the world heritage sites we visited!
13th of October (back in Mexico)
If you are interested in a new country and new cultures, have a look at Belize! Due to the short time we stayed here, there are not so many pictures as usual - but hopefully still interesting! 
3rd of October (in Belize)
Now we have done the last updates for southern Mexico with all the Yucatan peninsula, and updated the world heritage list for central Mexico!
6th of September (in Yucatan)
Well - it has been a busy month with travelling and visiting sites. The pictures of the second part of Central Mexico are now online - but the world heritage sites are still to be done. 
8th of August (in Tlaxcala)
The pictures from Central Mexico are now online and the next world heritage sites will follow soon! 
18th of July (Vulcano Nevado de Colima)
Quite a long distance, the wonderful Copper Canyon and a lot of cities were on our way through Northern Mexico. The weather is a little unpleasant at this time of year - but the pictures are hopefully not that bad...
7th of July (Guanajuato, Mexico)
On the Baja were also the first three World Heritage Sites we visited in Mexico - have a look! 
30th of June (Creel, Coppercanyon)
The first set of the Mexican pictures is now Online. The Baja California was our first goal, the beaches were wonderful and the intro to the mexican way of living interesting...
7th of June (Viva Mexico!)
Sitting on the windy Baja California, we now finalized the last pictures from Arizona and California - now the next World Heritage Sites are waiting for us! 
20th of May (now in Arizona)
We are really up to date with our pictures - yesterday we left Utah - and today you can see them here!. Also we added some new guestbook - entries... 
1st of May (Utaaaah)
Having our car checked, we had enough time to put the next very impressive Utah-picture-set OnLine!
27th of April (still in Utah...)
Being such a lot of time in the backcountry, it is hard to keep trace with the WEB. Now we finally were able to put our impressions from the way to the red rocks (Nevada, Arizona, Utah) online! 
15th of April (Utah again)
All the California pictures are now online - and there are alot of them! 
8th of April (Utah)
One more World Heritage Site is now listed: Yosemite National Park in California
28th of March (California)
On our way to San Francisco we crossed three states - and made some pictures!
13th of March 2008 (in Idaho)
The journey continues and the first pictures of 2008 can now be found in our route-page!
1st of March 2008 (in Vancouver, Canada)
Back on the road again we now managed to put the last pictures from December online, where we travelled through Nevada, California, Oregon and Washington.
End of December
During our "holiday" with our families we summarized the sites in the US where we have been so far. So have a look at our "Visited Sites" section!  

8th of December (in Washington state)
Today we finalzed our pictures from Arizona (where we have been in November).

To all our readers and friends:
Enjoy your Christmas time and bring positive thoughts to everyone
and continue this way in a wonderful 2008! 

27th of November (Near Las Vegas, Nevada)
And now: The pictures from New Mexico - the next step after Utah are OnLine!
22th of November (Red Canyon Country - Arizona)
Now we finally got another 3 World Heritage Sites in the US Online - Read something about our impressions!
13th of November (Deming - southern New Mexico)
We were very busy during the last days - therefore you can already have a look at Utah and Colorado!
9th of November (on a NF Campground south of Albuquerque, New Mexico)
We have completely redesigned the appearance of the World Heritage Sites section, to separate them in countries and to give a map of their location. There are also some new friends online! 
First of November (unimpressive Wal*Mart in Colorado)
Have a look at the pictures from Yellowstone and Craters of the Moon
End of October (still in Utah - in the next canyon)
Montana just followed BC, and we are working on the next World Heritage Sites....
Mid of October (now in Utah - sitting in a canyon)
It always takes it´s time - but now we have the pictures from our way through the last canadian province - British Columbia - online. Have a look!
End of September (now near Wyoming - on the way to Yellowstone National Park)
After Vancouver Island and the trip through southern BC we finally managed to bring our
Alaska pictures online!

Begin of September 2007 (now in British Columbia - Vancouver Island)
During August we were in Alaska - and the never ending days gave us so many opportunities to be outside, that the website did not receive updates.

Finally now, there are the pictures from the Yukon Territories online (where we have been in July),
including the Dempster Highway.

August 2007 (still in Alaska):
The pictures from the North West Territories are online!
July 2007 :
Many, many new pictures of Alberta, a Rodeo and a part of BC. Did you already have a look at our Links?
June 2007:
New pictures, new friends, and the first World Heritage Sites listed!
June 2007:
Now our guestbook is online! If you saw us travelling, or met us personally,
we would be happy to find a little note in our guestbook!
Mai 2007:
We put some pictures Online - and some friends that helped us out also.
April 2007:
We started our tremendous trip! 
Enjoy your visit!

Last Update:
1st of June 2014