The tour: Where we have been in Colombia

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Colombia - Part I

On January, the 27th we landed in a little plane in South America, Colombia, Baranquilla. Our friend with the four wheels had to travel by ship - but everything went well. We experienced the Atlantic coast first, before we went south. The side trip to Mompox (a world heritage site) was very fascinating - as Colombia is in general. We very positively surprised by the people, the nature and the security situation!

The route: Barranquilla - Cartagena - Cienaga - Santa Marta - Bahia Concha - Taganga - Rio Magdalena - Mompox - Rionegro - Giron - Canyon del Chicamocha - Aratoca - Barichara - Guane - Curiti - San Gil - Tunja - Villa de Leyva

Download all the pictures as a zip archive here.

Colombia - Part II

Finally we left Colombia on the 25th of March, and we would have liked to stay longer. We had a wonderful time and  no security problems. The central and southern parts were awesome, the tatacoa desert reminded us of the Canyonlands National Park in the United States. If you ever have the opprtunity - visit Colombia.

The route: Santa Sofia - Raquira - Monesterio de La Candelaria - Zipaquira - Salt Cathedral - Bogota - Mesitas - Neiva - San Augustin - Desierto de la Tatacoa - Valle de San Juan - Ibaque - Manizales - Neira - Salamina - Santa Barbara - Retiro - El Penol - Medellin - Santa Fe de Antioquia - Pereia - Salento - Valle de Cocora - Bolivar - Santa Elena - Silvia - Inza - Popayan - Pasto - Laguna de la Cocha - Las Lajas - Ipiales

Download all the pictures as a zip archive here.