The tour: Where we have been in Ecuador

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Ecuador - Part I

It was the end of March 2009, when we came to Ecuador - a country with a very rich diversity in cultures and landscapes. From the black to the indigenious cultures, from the coast to vulcanoes above 5.000 m. Unbelievable, how large the differencies are. The markets are fascinating, we could do some hiking again - and there was a special place in Ibarra...

The route: Tulcan - Ibarra - Otavalo - Ibarra - Salinas - San Lorenzo - Las Penas - Cayambe - Quito - Cochasqui - Ibarra - Laguna Cuicocha - Quito - Mitad del Mundo - Mindo - Pasochoa Park - Cotopaxi Nationa Park - Latacunga - Sigchos - Laguna Quilotoa - Saquisili

Download all the pictures as a zip archive here.

Ecuador Part II

After our first round in Ecuador, we went on to enjoy more markets, highlands and the area, that is called the Selva. The Amazonas basin offered new experiences, but somehow we had to go back to Ibarra. We had a wonderful time there and would have stayed forever, it there wasn´t the adventurous feeling coming up again. Vulcano Chimborazo NP, the train trip to the Devil´s Nose and the Inka ruins of Ingapirca were the highlights.

The route: Zumbahua - Banos - Puyo - Misahualli - Tena - Papallacta - Ibarra - NP El Angel - NP Cayambe - Laguna Cuicocha - Laguna Mojanda - Quito - Latacunga - Ambato - Mocha - Riobamba - NP Chimborazo - Guaranda - Guamote - Alausi - Ingapirca - Cojitambo Ruines - Cuenca - Gualaceo - Sigsig - Saraguro - Loja - Vilcabamba

Download all the pictures as a zip archive here.