The tour: Where we have been in Mexico

Starting in June 2008 on the Baja California we stayed until the end of October
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Entering Mexiko at Mexicali it was a fascinating start into Latin America. On the Baja California we had a wonderful time, exploring nature, culture and began cooking our own mexican food. Everybody talked about the heat that we will have to expect - but we only found it in the southern part...

The route: Mexicali - Ensenada - Punta Baja - Bahia de los Angeles - San Borja - Guerrero Negro - San Ignacio - Mulege - Bahia Concepcion - Loreto - Aqua Verde - El Cayuco - La Paz - Bahia El Tecolote - Cabo Pulmo - San Juan de la Costa - Pichilingue

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When we left the Baja, we entered Northern Mexico and made two steps on our Mexican journey: First there were a lot more people everywhere now, second we were diving deep into Mexican history. The colonial towns with their rich heritage are fascinating, only the weather was not fascinating at all...

The route: Los Mochis - Ciudad Obregon - P.N. Cascada de Basaseachic - Creel - Barranca del Cobre - Urique - Cuauhtemoc - Hidalgo del Parral - Durango - Zacatecas - Dolores Hidalgo - Guanajuato - San Miguel de Allende - Bernal - Queretaro

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Further south we came in the colonial heartland and the cultural heritage goes on in July. Highlights were Tequila (not the drink!) and the coast down to Acapulco, where we spent several days. The Nevado do Colima was our first vulcano and the first time above 4.000m with our car. Everything worked very well so far.

The route: Morelia - Patzcuaro - Angahuan - P.N. Volcan Nevado de Colima - Guadalajara - Tequila - Presa Santa Rosa - Autlan de Navarro - Bahia Tenacatita - Melaque - Manzanillo - Zihuatanejo - Bahia el Potosi - Acapulco

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Following the path south we continued in Central Mexico. Colonial towns and our first Maya ruins gave a nice impression of the old Mexico. On our way we also learned about the Mexico of today, which seems to get a interesting mixture of modern living and the old way of life.

The route: Xochicalco - Malinalco - Parque Nacional Nevado de Toluca - Santiago Acutzilapan - Teotihuacan - Tlaxcala - Puebla - Cholula - Parque Nacional Iztaccihuatl y Popocatepetl - Huamantla - Oaxaca - Monte Alban - Yagul - Hierve el Aqua - Zimatlan - Puerto Escondido - Zipolite - Puerto Angel - Playa Brazil

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After all the towns we came to southern Mexico with the poorest part Chiapas, followed by Campeche, Yucatan and Quintana Roo. From fishing villages and Maya ruins to the touristic east coast the variety was fascinating. The independence day in Chetumal finally closed this Mexican chapter.

The route: Tuxtla Gutierrez - Chiapa de Corzo - San Cristobal de las Casas - San Juan Chamula - Palenque - Campeche - Uxmal - Celestun - Merida - San Felipe - Rio Lagartos - Chichen Itza - Valladolid - Cenote X´Keken - Tulum - Biosfera de Sian Ka´an - Chetumal - Bacalar

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After our journey to Belize we returned to Mexico. We missed the part, where the Tolteken culture was at home and enjoyed the luxury Mexico offers. From big supermarkets to safe zocalos - there were a lot of things that we will not find in the countries to come anymore...

The route: Chetumal - Mahahual - Escarcega - Villahermosa - Catemaco - Santiago Tuxtla - Tlacotalpan - Veracruz - Xalapa - Coatepec - Xico - Cordoba - Presa Miguel Alleman - Temescal - Playa Azul - Puerto Madero - Tapachula - Talisman

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