The tour: were we have been so far

The idea is to travel, exploring well-known and unknown places of cultural and conserving interest. Especially the lesser known and more remote parts will find our attention. Everybody might know the "Grand Canyon National Park" in the United States but how many people have heard of "Mompos" in Colombia, "Tiwanaku" in Bolivia or "Miguasha" in Canada?

Beside these highlights we want to learn something about the way of living, the people and our future.
Who knows what it will bear for us?

Map of our journey - click to enlarge.

The 1st chapter: Canada

In April 2007 we started our tour in Canada, and travelled from the East to the West. You can find all the pictures here.

The 2nd chapter: United States

July 2007 was the right time for Alaska, and in September 2007 we started our travelling through the interior. Because we enjoyed it so much, we continued in March 2008 to explore the Western United States.

The 3rd chapter: Mexico

In June 2008 we did the first step into Latin America: Mexico is on the route!

In September we had crossed central Mexico and were entering the Yucatan peninsula. Near the end of September we left Mexico for Belize.

The 4th chapter: Central America

It was September 2008 when we entered Belize as the first country of Central America. And it was a big difference to Mexico.

End of October we came through Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua. It was a great experience.

Totally different was December 2008 and the experience of Costa Rica, where tourism changed everything.

Finally Panama was a interesting country and in January 2009 we prepared everything to ship to Columbia.

The 5th chapter: Colombia

Exactly on the 27th of January 2009 we landed in South America. Colombia was the first country to visit. And it is a beautiful state - people - landscapes - and the security situation suprised us in a positive way.

Have a look at the pictures!

The 6th chapter: Ecuador

Ecuador is one of the smallest countries in Southamerica, but it is incredible, what it offers. If it is cultures, landscapes or sights - you can find it here. Glaciers on the top of Volcano, Inka ruins in a beautiful setting and colourful markets - to name some. We started at the end of march 2009 in the North, and it took us 3 months to discover not only the the land, but also the way of living.

The 7th chapter: Peru

Peru is rich in cultural and natural sights, an unbelievable amount of World Heritage Sites and a lot of places to see. We had a lot of good and bad experiences, but still the impression of unsecure travelling accompanied us through the whole country. Theft is a big problem, as finding a secure place to stay overnight. The people are quite sceptic at foreigners - a completely different story in the tourist centres.

The 8th chapter: Bolivia

Bolivia is one of the poorest countries in South America and therefore shows a different appearance. From La Paz, the world´s highest altitude town, crossing the Salar de Uyuni, leaving for Argentina, we came back in the East, explored the lowlands and went back up into the Altiplano one year later. A incredible country!

The 9th chapter: Argentina

This country brought an immense amount of pictures - Argentina is so huge! In the beginning we had three main themes: Sandstone in the North, travelling with our family and the whales in Valdez. Then came the eastern part of the south and finally we ended 2010 up at the end of the world in Tierra del Fuego. Going back up again, we mainly choose the western part. Then we crossed over to Northeastern part, entering again from Chile in 2012, crossing to the whales and to Fitz Roy... Have a look!

The 10th chapter: Chile

This country we got to know in the southernmost part first, where Torres del Paine and the end of the road on the american continent waited for us. As Chile is so long and thin, we have a lot of smaller parts to show. We think of Tierra del Fuego as one island, therefore the impressions are together with Argentina in a TDF special. If you look for the Carretera Austral and Chiloé Island, you will find a lot of pictures.

In 2011 we started to explore the central part, diving more into cities and villages, but were happy, when we reached the endless parts of the desert. Months passed by while exploring the region - giving detailled pictures of the Chilenian life.

The 11th chapter: Uruguay

It was a round trip from the West to the South, along the coast to the East, going up North and then back to the West. We visited during the World Championship in July 2010 - and we were very lucky to be in the country that was the best from all South American participants.

Uruguay for us was not the country with incredible landscapes, but the people with their friendliness stand on top of the scores. We had wonderful encounters and long nights chatting, dinner invitations and a lot of emotions along each match. Wonderful memories! 

The 12th chapter: Paraguay

A new country, a new experience. Being ranked as poor as Bolivia, having a lot of travel warnings, we were a little anxious about travelling to Paraguay. But we discovered lovely people, rich culture and new landscapes. There are two journeys and two picture sets to enjoy! 

The 13th chapter: Brazil

It is so huge. It is so rich in landscapes, culture and people. It will take months only to catch parts of it. The first glimpse was for Iguaztu, the second was a trip into the southern and the northern Pantanal. And then? We will see what comes next...