Special photo sets

Sometimes we had such a lot of pictures of a special event or an area, that we decided to open a separate photo-book. Just enjoy!


Canadian Rodeo in Rio Grande

We had to wait quite a while in Alberta, Canada to see this event - but it was worth it! Very different to the southamerican rodeos it has it´s own charming adrenaline!


Fiesta in Potosi

When we visited Bolivia the second time in 2010, we were very lucky to realize, that there was a great fiesta planned for the weekend in Potosi. Countless were the dancers and the performed dances: Suri Sikuri, Kullawada, Carnaval Betanceño und Tinku, Huayño, Morenada, Carnaval Vallegrandino, Pujllay, Llamerada, Tobas, Cueca, Los Macheteros, Taquirari, Chacarera, Waca Waca und Caproales.

Especially the Diablada was interesting for us - a famous dance in the Karneval of Oruro and a cultural World Heritage.

Have a look at all those wonderful performers!


Desierto Florido 2011

Unique in the world is the flowering desert in Chile. Only when there was enough rainfall throughout the whole winter, there is a chance to see the blooming wonder. This happens only in an interval of 3 to 5 years - and we were so lucky to see this happening!

175 pictures are waiting for you!

Fiesta in Ayquina 2011

A small village with less than 100 habitants hosts once a year over 10.000 visitors. On the 7th and 8th of September the Virgin Guadalupe de Ayquina celebrates her birthday annually. In devotion to the virgin hundreds of dancers from Chile, Argentina, Bolivia and Peru show their costumes.

That´s why we decided to offer a little special of this event! 

Araucania region 2015

A special type of trees, a wonderful landscape ans some mystical shots obliged us to make this little special. Around hundred impressions from southern Chile.
We´ve been there in autumn - therefore the trees showed all their colours.


"Indian Summer" in Argentina

The colours were so rich in variety that we decided to make a special! 

For the red leaves lovers.

It´s a little bit difficult to publish photos from a travelled route when you have been in the area before. Therefore we were a little lazy in updating our website. Then we had an idea: Why don´t we add different impressions from Santa Cruz, Argentina together? Enjoy the result!
Argentina, showing the next province further North in Patagonia: Chubut. A huge area, offering deserts, lakes, plains and mountains. And a lot of warmhearted people! We devided our photoset into three parts:

Mouras raceground in La Plata

Not very typical - but a different approach for us are some pictures we made at the Mouras raceground in La Plata, Argentina. Serious private teams aiming at the first place.

Chubut 2014 Summary

In this year we spent a lot of time in the province of Chubut, which is three times larger than all of our home-country. From the East to the West - images we enjoyed.

Peninsula Valdez 2014

At the eastern end of Chubut you can find a natural protected area with a lot of wildlife and astonishing landscapes. A real paradise.

Rio Negro 2014

North of Chubut you will find the province of Rio Negro - some impressions to explore....

Tierra del Fuego

Tierra del Fuego 2010/2011

We did not want to seperate this incredible beautiful island into two countries, although Argentina and Chile are sharing it. Both nations own wonderful landscapes and unforgetable impressions. It is unique.

It is the southern end of the world, as there is no other possibility for an ordinary traveller to go further south by car. It is also the point of return for us. Several books about the land of fire accompanied us and made history vital.

Tierra del Fuego 2012/2013

We came back to the island and stayed for another two months, visiting parts we´ve seen before, discovering new parts and making new friends.

It´s not possible to describe it with words - therefore we offer you four new picture galleries!






Rodeos visited in 2012

11e Fiesta Provincial de Peon Rural
Paso de Indios
Argentina 2012

Our passion for rodeos / jineteadas is growing - we made it to another!

1er Gran Jineteada de La Esperanza
Argentina 2012

7e Fiesta regional de Criollas y Chamame
Paso del Sapo
Argentina 2012

Rodeos visited in 2013

Cerro Castillo, Chile 2013

During our time in Southamerica we got into the fiestas, especially the so called Jineteadas. Traditional folkloric events - in the northern americas called a rodeo. It´s a different type of exposing your body to extreme danger...

Fiesta Provincial del Caballo
Gobernador Costa
Argentina, Chubut 2013

VIII Fiesta de las
Destrezas Criollas y el Chamame
Paso del Sapo
Argentina, Chubut 2013

Gran Jineteada
Los Repollos
Argentina, Chubut 2013

José de San Martin
Argentina, Chubut 2013

Final Provincial de Jineteada
rumbo a Jesus Maria
Trevelin, December 2013

XIIII Fiesta Provincial del Ganadero
Las Plumas, December 2013

Desafio de Tropillas
Rio Pico, December 2013

Rodeos visited in 2014

XV Fiesta de Bagual
José de San Martin, 2013/2014

VIII Fiesta Provincial
del Salmón del Pacifico
Carrenleufú, January 2014

XVI Fiesta Provincial de la Cordillera
Aldea la Pampa, January 2014

XV Fiesta del Carrero
Alto Rio Percy, January 2014

V Fiesta Provincial
del Acordeón y de la Guitarra
Lagunita Salada, February 2014

2nd Fiesta Provincial
del Ternero Cordillerano
Trevelin, February 2014

Jineteada del Fiesta Nacional del Asado
Cholila, 6.-9.Feb. 2014

11° Fiesta Regional del Gaucho y la Taba
Gan Gan, 14.-16. Feb. 2014

XVI Fiesta del Jinete y Reservado
Esquel, 22.-23. Feb. 2014

92 Aniversario de Rio Pico
Rio Pico, 1.-4. Marzo 2014

2° Fiesta Nacional del Peón Rural
Paso de Indios, 7.-9. Marzo 2014

1ra Fiesta del Arriero y Veraneador
Corcovado, 15. y 16. Marzo 2014

129° Aniversario de Trevelin
25 de Noviembre de 2014


The Andean Condor

We were so fascinated by these wonderful creatures, the largest flying birds on our planet that we could collect some nice impressions.

Gentle, easy, nearly soundless they are gliding through the wonderful landscape of the Andes. Come on and fly with them!

Whales and elephant seals

For us it is one of the most unique spots in the world - the Peninsula Valdez. Walking on the coast to watch whales passing by a few meters away - incredible. That´s why we come back again and again.

Next to Valdez is Punto Ninfas - where the southern elephant seals found their home. Enjoy the animals!

One of our themes beside the jineteada (rodeo in argentina) are animals, therefore we have put a special animal slideshow together. Mostly south-southamerican wild- and waterlife!


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