Who we are...

The two travellers, that are on this exiting trip are Margit & Jörg. Born in Austria, they both choose the same year of birth: 1966. In their blood there always was the fascination of travelling and sharing wonderful moments all around the world.


  • Born in Graz, Austria
  • Commercial upper secondary school Diploma
  • Certified Novell Instructor (1992); MCP (1995); Project Manager Certification (1997); Training Manager (1998)
  • Business Certificate in Gastronomy (2000)
  • Marketing, Presentations, WebSite Development
  • Business Development from 1998 - 2007
  • Born in Weiz, Austria
  • Commercial upper secondary school Diploma
  • Business studies at the Karl-Franzens University
  • Business Certificate in Gastronomy (2000)
  • Assistant financial director and controlling in two different IT companies from 1995 - 2007

During the last years we had a very fascinating lifestyle: Working each week in two jobs, spare time was very rare.

From Monday until Thursday we went to work in Vienna, for two different IT-companies, with all the fast changing needs and the world of capitalism around us.

Each Thursday we drove 150 kilometres south to a little town near Graz, where we ran our little restaurant in a beautiful castle until Sunday. This was the weekly emotional recreation we needed from the first half of the week.

Although we closed our restaurant in Austria by the end of 2006, our homepage still is online: www.freiberg.at. It offers most information only in German, as a lack of time held us off from translating everything.

We started our trip in April 2007, crossing Canada, going up to Alaska and then down trough the US, Mexiko and Central America to South America. Crossing from Columbia to southernmost part of Patagonia. And we fell in love with the endless offers of different landscapes and the people there.

Like the Scotish, we save every little Penny, never using campsites, restaurants or hotels. We learned to travel on a very low budget, which enables us to get much further than expected.

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